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2 Common Issues iPhone Users Face

by iTech Mobile Repairs

Need Your iPhone Battery Problems Fixed?

You don't know whether it's something to look forward to anymore because of the issues that surface as a result of it. Whenever an iOS update takes place, you actually wish you iPhone could duck from the upgrade. Many users of both iPhone's and iPad's get frustrated about the negative impact that iOS updates have on their battery life.

Now, if the issue is not widespread, then Apple will most probably not react to the situation. Most people opt to perform a hard reset on their iPhone. If you're having persistent battery issues with your iPhone, Apple may not hear you screaming or yelling at your smartphone. We, on the other hand, would be more than glad to hear more about your frustrations. Tell us what the issues are, and we'll get into the mix of things with your iPhone to have it back to working the way it should.

Tip: Find out what apps are using your iOS battery life, you can then uninstall certain applications that hog the battery life of your iPhone. Go to "Settings -> General -> Usage -> Battery Usage".

Why Is My iPhone Having WiFi Issues?

If you have owned an iPhone or iPhone's for a couple of years, you may be well acquainted with WiFi issues that Apple's smartphone users face. Similar to iPhone battery life issues, iPhone and iPad users face a variety of WiFi issues and, in most cases, after an iOS upgrade.

"How can I solve this problem?", you might ask. Well, many people are unable to resolve these iPhone WiFi issues by themselves. That is where we come in, iTech Mobile has technicians with a vast amount of experience in fixing such software issues and network problems faced by iPhone users.

Tip: One way to try and fix these recurring issues is to reset the network settings. This process is rather simple and shouldn't take you more than a few minutes. Go to "Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings".

My iPhone's Screen Is Cracked...Again

by iTech Mobile

Let's face it, you didn't see it coming, but you can't deny that at the back of your mind, a small voice whispered, "It is inevitable...", and before you know it, your iPhone screen was cracked.

This is by far the most common problem faced by smartphone users. We often have clients wanting their iPhone 6 screens repaired. There's no doubt that they want their digital sidekick in top condition at all times, and that's why we're here. Your iPhone 6 may land on its face on many unforeseen occasions, either creating a crack or extending the damage from a previous drop. Worry not, iTech Mobile's technicians repair cracked screens of iPhone's in a short amount of time.

You can request a quote to find out what the charge will be for screen damage, whether you have an iPhone 6, iPhone 5C or iPhone 4S. We have very affordable prices and speedy services. At iTech Mobile, we understand the importance a smartphone plays in one's daily life, whether it be for business or personal purposes. You can trust us to fix the damaged screen of your mobile devices.

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